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Academic Development Deanship

دورات العمادة


دورات العمادة
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Dean Message
Strategic development of faculty and staff members is the key to the developing their skills and abilities, improving their sensitivity, willingness to change and enhancing their performance by adopting modern technologies and a progressive outlook. It has become critically important for Educational Institutions to focus of strategic development of their human capital, in order to achieve overall progress through significant improvements in productivity and quality.
Qassim University has always maintained high level of commitment to human development, for the benefit of the community in the Kingdom and in the World. With this objective in mind, the Deanship of Academic Development have started this Strategic development initiative for faculty and staff. The Deanship is committed in its efforts to improve the educational environment, development of highly skilled, knowledgeable and efficient faculty members, and enhance the capabilities of the University, while following true Islamic principles and values. Development is our responsibility and excellence is our goal. We are committed to align and integrate the educational system with the requirements of the various industries.
The training programs have been updated to meet the current needs of the teaching community, in order to help them to keep pace with the Global trends in the development of skills and capacity.
For electronic version of the training schedule and for enrollment for courses, please visit our website:
For Academic Development Deanship
Dr. Faisal Omar Almahroogi Aledresie